javan officers academy

Director's Message

History has been a mute witness to the crumbling of civilizations. Nations have been forced to bite the dust for not being able to guard their frontiers with technology, grit and analyzing minds. Territorial security leads to economic, social and political security. This results in the actual growth of the nation.

The Officers Academy has in its own way made a significant contribution towards this end. It has, in the past two decades and a half, played a pivotal role in shaping minds and carving careers of thousands of students who resolved to strengthen the roots of our great nation. This has been possible through a synergy of duty, discipline and dedication.

It is said that, “The reflections on a time well spent furnishes with joys more pleasing than ten thousands triumphs”. When we look back at the years gone by and caress each moment in our reflections, we experience immense pleasure and happiness.

A trail of development marks the significant changes that took place in shaping our Alma Matter, the Officers Academy, to its present status. The watch word has been “If you have a spark in you, we will fan it into a flame.”

Capt. R. Sircar (Retd)
Officers Academy